We make use of data science to reach your target audience

Geoohub is our exclusive hub to plan your campaing based on audience optimization. With Geoohub you can select your target audience and choose the best networks that suit your need.


¿What is mobile retargeting?

Mobile retargeting is the chance to impact your audience on their mobile phones if they have passed by a OOH display and have been selected as target audience. This way, if your target gets close to your ad, he will receive a second impact on his phone. OOH and Mobile advertising in a single campaign.


Double impact with Geoohub

OOH and Mobile work together to offer you a double advertising impact:

  • On the streets, through Exterior Plus' street furniture, large format, airport terminals or shopping malls  all across Spain.
  • We impact users on their smartphones while they are surfing on the Internet.
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